We have been providing our legal services to many small and some larger businesses, including:
  • The Tour of Britain Limited (cycling tours)
  • SweetSpot Group Limited (sports events management)
  • Strategic Corporate Finance Limited (corporate advisory)
  • Crowne Finch Limited (HR consulting)
  • Citola plc (climate change/carbon credits)
  • Primary Water plc (water technology)
  • Derby Street Films Limited (mezzanine film finance)
  • Voltimum Limited (general commercial)
  • Diplomatic Corpse LLP (film production)
  • Legend Music Limited (music rights)
  • Madame Zingara LLP (entertainment)
  • Lubbock Fine Accountants LLP (French trustee services)
  • Maderite Limited (rag trade)
  • Qukki Limited (on-line gaming)
  • Shape Networks Ltd (merger)
  • Buyanovsky Property Management Ltd (conveyancing)
  • Gus Alexander Architects Ltd 

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