Terms of business

The Law Society obliges solicitors to provide clients with certain information about the way that their professional business is undertaken. Please find detailed below our standard terms and conditions, which set out the basis upon which this Firm will carry out the work on your behalf.

The Firm is the legal practice of Robin Frost MA LLB Solicitor.

The contact details are: R.J. Frost & Co., Solicitor, The Coach House Offices, 69 Lonsdale Road,
Barnes, London, SW13 9JR, United Kingdom. Telephone +44(0)20 8563 1453 Fax: +44(0)20 8563 1453 Email: rjf@frostandcompany.eu

The Firm is regulated by the Law Society of England and Wales http://www.lawsociety.org.uk. Our membership number is 118260. There is a lot of useful information on the Law Society's website about Solicitors and how we operate.


We are not currently registered for VAT with HM Customs and Excise. You will be notified if this changes.
When you engage this Firm to act for you, and we accept the engagement, you will become a client of this firm until such engagement is terminated in writing by either of us.


We will act for you in respect of matters where you instruct us and where we accept the instruction in writing, on the terms set out in this document unless expressly amended by agreement between us.

We will accept instructions from you by letter, facsimile, email or by telephone.


Robin Frost, will be the Solicitor responsible for your affairs, unless you are notified to the contrary and so, unless we agree otherwise, you should communicate primarily with him and accordingly any queries or complaints about the way in which your work is being handled should also be addressed to Robin Frost in the first instance.

If another person is to deal with your work and they are a non-lawyer we will notify you of their status and experience in carrying out the work.


We charge predominantly on a time basis calculated on hourly fees for Robin Frost of between £165.00 and£195.00 p/h (and pro rata for lesser periods) depending on the complexity, urgency, value and importance of the work. The minimum time charge is one unit being 1/10 of an hour or 6 minutes. Our charges include acting for you, advising you, attending to you personally and on the telephone, dealing with documents and
payments, correspondence etc. and travel where instigated at your request.


Sometimes if requested we will provide an estimate of the costs which we anticipate you will incur, for example if we agree to undertake a land registry of local authority search or provide you a precedent document/ agreement from our contracts database. We will try to let you know as the matter progresses whether this estimate needs to be revised. This will happen if, for example, the scope of the initial work changes, or any complications arise.  You will of course be advised of any such changes.


In addition to the above, we will also charge for expenses we incur on your behalf such as travel costs, photocopying and postage, court fees, couriers' fees, barristers' other external legal fees, company search, trademark search and registration fees etc and will give you an estimate of these charges if they are above £100 in any month.  Some of the expenses will also exclude VAT, which may be added (where appropriate) to the overall charge.


We may not need any money on account of costs in the initial stages. However, as the work progresses, we may need to ask for such a payment if our exposure increases. We may require to hold money in advance of incurring third party fees or undertaking onerous work in which case we will let you know. We operate a client account with Lloyds Bank, Hammersmith, London, W6 into which money that we hold on your account will be paid. We do not account to clients for interest if any on client account monies unless specifically agreed to the contrary for very large sums. Agreed payments in advance on account of fees will be credited to our office account and not held on client account.

In some circumstances it is possible to have a Conditional Fee Agreement ('no win no fee') by arrangement.

We reserve the right to terminate our engagement, in effect, cease to act on your behalf, if at any time the sums we hold on your account are insufficient to meet the costs incurred and any time outstanding on your account.

Amendment of Rates

Our hourly fees are reviewed from time to time. We will let you know if there are any changes that affect you.

Time Recording

As lawyers we sell our time and expertise. Time is therefore very important to us and to you as the client. Time spent on your file is recorded in units of six minutes, and fractional units are rounded up to the next whole unit. Telephone calls will generally be billed on this basis. Please remember that we have to prepare for meetings by reading through any documents and background materials you have provided us with, and that the Law Society requires us to make notes of telephone calls and meetings that we have with you. We also charge for travelling time and waiting time at the same rate (as detailed above).


We will invoice you monthly in arrears. Payment of our invoices is due within fourteen days of us sending the invoice to you. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payment and the Bank Base Rate plus 3%. This letter is written on the basis that you are our client and or its agent to whom we will look for payment of our fees.  At your request we will issue separate bills on separate pieces of work we are doing for you,
because most clients find that this helps them to allocate the separate bills to separate cost centres. This means that if, for example, we send you a bill in respect of advice given on a trademark, this will not cover work undertaken on a domain name dispute during the same time.

How You Can Help Us

You may communicate with us however you wish including by fax, telephone landline or mobile or e-mail. Instructions by text (SMS) should be confirmed by phone email or letter.  We will always attempt to minimise written communications by letter as this is time consuming and therefore expensive for you. However there are times when this is unavoidable as it is in the nature of legal work that details must be recorded in writing, and often the discipline of committing arrangements to paper in many cases is of the essence.  Clear instructions generally help minimize costs.  We understand that you personally will be our primary contact for communication and that we can properly act on your instructions, whether oral or written. Please let us know if, in the interests of confidentiality, you have any specific requirements.


We are committed to providing a high quality service. Our performance, practices and
procedures are monitored regularly and our files (which includes yours) are inspected by
independent auditors. For your information the audit is privileged and confidential. We
reserve the right to allow your file to be audited.

Storage of Documents

We are entitled to keep your files while you still owe us any money. We store your files after
they have closed for a period of six years, and you hereby give us your authority to
destroy them after that time has elapsed. We do not destroy any documents you ask us to
hold in safe custody. We will charge a nominal charge of £10.00 for getting documents out
of storage, as we are required to pay this as a disbursement to a storage company. Further if
you ask us to search for specific documents or to do any further work on a file after it has
been closed, we may charge you for the time spent in doing the work at our current charge
out rates at the time of carrying out the search.

Termination of Instructions

You may terminate your instructions to us in writing at any time at your discretion. We
reserve the right to stop acting for you for any reason. In such circumstances where
practicable, we will give you reasonable notice of such intention. Notwithstanding who
decides to terminate the engagement, our charges will remain as outlined above and remain
due and payable once invoiced in respect of time incurred before such termination.
_____________________________ END ____________________________

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